Kare Kano c46 and about Zettai Kareshi’s low quality

Why, hello again! Aerie Scans is proud to announce that KARESHI KANOJO NO JIJOU CHAPTER 46 IS FINALLY RELEASED!!! We are all very happy with our second release!!
Also, Kare Kano ch 46 can now be http downloaded!! (Click here for it) Thank you Hikari for hosting us! Aerie loves you!
On another not so happy note, there have been some who are complaining about our Zettai Kareshi vol 6 editing quality. I would like to say here that in the beginning, Ghostcheese and I only intended the scanslation be provided for our friends. We didn’t think about releasing it at all. Also, Ghostcheese is NOT an editor. She was using MS Paint to edit, which I must say, was better than I thought it would be. And ALSO, as I’ve said many, many times, Aerie is doing its best to release a second version of that volume. We have a small staff and most of us were more worried about the Kare Kano release. So please, please, PLEASE, bear with us. Thank you all.

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