Update from the Cheese

~^.^~ Greetings and salutations~ Thank you very much for visiting our lovely Aerie website. *huggles Joker and Lamb for their hard work on the layout and site~~* As an update on things, the scripts for the rest of Kare Kano volume 10 are complete, and chapter 47 is close to being released. Keep an eye out for it the next few days. After that, there’s one more extra story and the volume will be finished. For now, because of lack of staff, our precious translator has shifted her attentions to Gakuen Alice for the moment. A reminder to those who visit our site, we really need more translators. Chinese or Japanese, either one. If you would like to receive releases faster and more often, please offer to help. We’re also looking for new projects to consider for if/when we gain more staff. Please drop by the forum and feel free to make suggestions. Even if you are not interested in working on our current projects, if there is a certain manga that you are interested in translating and collaborating on with our group, please email us at aeriescans[at]gmail[dot]com or visit us on irc to discuss it. Well, I think that’s all for now. I hope to see you all in irc. *waves* ~^.^~

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