Gakuen Alice c8

What a much needed update. Aerie has so much to say. But it’s really hard for me to say because I hate typing. I’ll try my best. First, the great announcement: GAKUEN ALICE CHAPTER 8 IS NOW RELEASED!!!! Unfortunately, is upgrading so we won’t upload. To get it, you’ll have to come to our channel
Hopefully, that’s not too much of an inconvenience. As soon as is up, I’ll upload there and update here and tell you all about it. I want to thank everyone that worked on Gakuen Alice. Thanks to Ori for the raws. Love to the staff. And for you guys, thanks a lot for waiting patiently for this chapter. No kidding when the other people said that Gakuen Alice was a hard series to scanslate. But here it is and here we are. All tired but it’s worth it.
Also, school just started for many of the staff members. Let me just stress one more time that we need more translators, editors, more staff members in general. We really need all the help that we can get. Anyway, good day to all and have a good glass of martini?


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