Kare Kano act.0, School Rumble c97, Zettai Kareshi v6

It has been almost a month since you’ve heard from Aerie. For the past three weeks, I was depressed as I went to #aerie@irchighway.net when the number of people in the channel declined every day. I began to go insane.

But then a miracle happen. I arrived at the channel today to see a big surprise. And I am proud to be the first to announce it on the site (I always am!):
Aerie has three new releases!!!
They are Kareshi Kanojo no Jijou Act.0 (Note that this is an extra story attached to volume 10 of Kare Kano), School Rumble v8 ch97 (Note that this is a joint project with Syuura, our affiliate), and Zettai Kareshi v6 [HQ]. Now I want to hear you scream. Or not.
There won’t be any HTTP on these releases until later so please come get them at the channel! You’re always welcomed to #aerie@irchighway.com. We’re waiting for you! (So are the releases!)

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