Kare Kano c48, School Rumble c97,98,99 v2, direct downloads

Okay all ya Kare Kano fans out there! We just released KARESHI KANOJO NO JIJOU Chapter 48!!!. Of course, no direct HTTP downloads at the moment. Sorry! You’ll just have to get your lazy butts to our irc channel #aerie@irchighway.net!
Anyway, we recently released a version 2 for School Rumble ch97, 98, and 99! So you might want to check that out if you had any complaints for the previous version.
I also finally did the direct downloads for all the past releases. It was actually up but I was too lazy to put it on the site. But if you click on the Releases page or the Downloads page, you’ll be able to get the HTTP Downloads. But don’t just leech, you losers. You gotta talk to us and tell us you love us! Please do visit us at our irc channel.
And we really do need some more translators. You don’t want us to stop our releases, right? So, if you’re interested, email us at aeriescans@gmail.com
Phew, that’s enough updates for now!

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