Status of projects updated

03/26/06 (was supposed to be up on the 21st >.>;;)

Oi, oi~ Look~ Look~

It’s me, the Cheese-hime once again. I bet you’re all concerned about the lack of releases. I’m sure some of you cuss us out amongst your friends. “What the fuck are the people at Aerie doing? Where’s more Gakuen Alice/Chikyuu/etc!?!?”

Well, I’m here to say to you that I, too, am unhappy about the lack of releases. I admit, I’ve been less concerned about the business of Aerie the past few weeks as I should have been…but midterms, taxes, and college forms have thoroughly distracted me. For those of you who know me in the forum/channel, don’t tell me I’ve been on Flyff for the past few weeks, I’m well aware of that…<.<…it's just stress relief, I promise~ XD

In any case, if you’re wondering about status of projects:

Gakuen Alice: an editor has been assigned to chapter 14 and has begun…she got this a good while ago, but exams and college paperwork has kept her from finishing…as for chapter 15, I assigned myself this chapter’s editing and am a few pages into it

When to expect it: hopefully this week…but don’t hold me to that

Chikyuu Kanri-nin: editing on the next chapter has begun

When to expect it: no clue

Amakusa 1637: waiting on the translation of the next chapter, which has been assigned

When to expect it: dunno

School Rumble: most likely dead project…for one thing, we are finding it extremely difficult to keep in touch with the japanese translator for this project…we could translate from Chinese, but we’ve been told the Japanese has waaay too many puns to do that…also some translated chapters were turned into Syuura for editing weeks ago and have yet to be released, probably due to lack of staff and the editor’s business as she prepares to enter medical school *wishes her luck~* ~^.^~

When to expect it: don’t hold your breath…<.<

And to all ops/staff of Aerie who are reading this, please get to work. <.<;; Arigatou and jaane~


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