School Rumble c107, 108, dropped, new project: Subaru, Easter

Hi guys! It’s me again, Lambchop. Well here are some updates:

1.) We released School Rumble Chapter 107 and School Rumble Chapter 108 on April 7, 2006.

2.) After much discussion between the two groups (representatives being Lamb & Ghostcheese from Aerie and Saa-chan from Syuura), we have decided to drop School Rumble. Yes yes, it is very sad. But we have our reasons. Our translator was MIA for a while and Saa-chan was also very busy. This made us very behind on our scanlation process and all the other groups doing School Rumble are already 10 chapters ahead of us. I hope you guys forgive us and don’t beat us up too much. You can always get it from the other groups. I think maybe 5 of them are working on this project >.>;;

3.) We have picked up a project called Dance! Subaru. More about this later.

4.) We have increased our staff. Look at the staff page ^-^. This is so we can release faster. I know you guys have been waiting for more Gakuen Alice and such. But we have a lazy staff…what can I say?

5.) Tomorrow is Easter! Happy Easter everyone!


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