Status on Gakuen Alice

Note to all Aerie staff members: If you have changed your email address, please notify us at…we cannot release manga without our staff and we cannot contact our staff without up to date contact information.

On another note, I’m sure many of you are still wondering if we’re planning on dropping any of our projects. I stress the fact that we are not dropping any. They are all in progress. Now, let me explain in detail about the status of one of our projects, Gakuen Alice. It has been assigned to another typesetter, read the story below as to why.

A Gakuen Alice Horror Story: A True Story as Recalled by One, Ghostcheese.

There was once a little editor named Mat. And this little editor worked under a kind, beautiful, benevolent dictator known as Ghostcheese~ <3. One day, Ghostcheese gave the little editor some work, a chapter of Gakuen Alice to typeset. And so the little editor worked and worked and worked. It was very difficult work since the project requires so many font changes and size changes and sfx styling and warping. However, finally the little editor finished!

So the little editor skipped happily down the path to mailbox to send her work to the lovely Ghostcheese’s palace~ However…misfortune struck. And the little editor’s faithful servant, Laptop, died!! No matter what the little editor did, she could neither revive nor retrieve the poor lost Gakuen Alice chapter. And the all-powerful Ghostcheese heard what happened and wept along with the little editor, asking her to try again.

And so the little editor borrowed her brother’s computer and worked long and hard and finally finished, doing an even better job this time! “I will send it tonight!” the little editor told the Ghostcheese. And so the Ghostcheese waited and waited and waited for many days. She wondered why the little editor had not turned it in, yet she did not see the little editor so she could ask why. This made Ghostcheese very sad. But one day, the Ghostcheese was riding through town in her carriage and spotted the little editor on the street.

“Stop!” she cried out, and lept from the carriage. “Little editor, it has been so long since I’ve seen you. Why did you not turn in your work?”

“What? What are you talking about? But I turned it in weeks ago. I mailed it to you.”

“I never got anything…” spoke the puzzled Ghostcheese, checking her mail once more. “Are you sure you sent it to the right address?”

“Yes, Aeriescan.”

“…it’s scans…with an s.”

“OMFG NO. I sent it to the wrong address.”

“It’s ok, you can just send it again right?”

“After I sent it, I reformatted my brother’s computer!!”

And then the Ghostcheese screamed in horror and promptly went insane and now haunts refrigerators at night, just waiting for an unsuspecting person to come looking for a midnight snack, only to become one.


One Response to “Status on Gakuen Alice”

  1. cresmatrix Says:

    …oh dear, is she alright? I hope she doesn’t binge on the food.

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