Chikyuu Kanri-nin c9, 10, 11

Yippee! Happy anniversary, Aerie Scans! Thank you for sticking with us all this way and I hope we have many more days together!

To make you guys happy, we have a three chapter release: Chikyuu Kanri-nin chapter 9, 10, AND 11 The only way to get these scans for the next couple of days is by going to our irc channel! Special thanks to WaiWai for drawing us the cute image for our anniversary releases. You can find WaiWai’s beautiful artwork at his deviant art site
Click here to see the anniversary insert WaiWai made and get an explanation of it.
Also we forgot to put in the covers earlier so if you don’t have them, here are the Chikyuu Kanri-nin Volume 1 & Volume 2 covers. Click here to download them!

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