Christmas, hiatus, Amakusa 1637 c5

Hiya, kiddos out there waiting for a present from Santa. Guess what, I’ll be your secret Santa. Except for the secret part. Anyway, a couple of messages from the Aerie crew:

1. The reason why we were on a hiatus:

Art by WaiWai

2. We’re still looking for new members! All positions available…except proofreaders…we never seem to use those.

3. Thank you to FamousFroggy for a nice donation to Aerie Scans. Just want to let you guys know that we do pay for the site and it’s all on the Lamb to do so…every little bit helps!

4. I hate sauerkraut.

5. Chapter release: Amakusa 1637 Chapter 5…It’s actually been an entire year since our last release of Amakusa. But guess what! HIGH QUALITY SCANS FOR THE WIN!



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2 Responses to “Christmas, hiatus, Amakusa 1637 c5”

  1. hellsing119 Says:

    thanks i can help cleaning just mail me

  2. aeriescans Says:

    We might need your help but not for now ^__^

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