We are back! (Aerie’s status, update on Bara no Tameni, Subaru’s name change, and releases!)

Hihi, I am Tomatoppy! I just have several updates for you about the status of Aerie Scans and their projects. Hmmm…where to start…in any case, please click “read more” to read the rest of this post!

What happened to Aerie:

1.) Ghostcheese was very sick. If you would like to know more about it, you may talk to her on #aerie on irchighway or email us.

2.) Lambchopchoppy was very busy with college. She is still doing well but has intrusted me to take up where she left off. Obviously, she was back with several releases, before letting me do the rest.

3.) Staff members disappeared when we went on hiatus, of course. So mostly the founders were too lazy to contact them again.

4.) Many other groups took our projects.

What will happen to Aerie:

1.) We will not be hiring for the time being. With only 3 projects that don’t have too many readers, we think only with Ghostcheese, Miki, and I, we’ll be able to handle them, especially since Ghostcheese is a perfectionist and having her going over our chapters, we don’t want to bombard her. Also, for Amakusa 1637 and Subaru, I will be mostly working on those myself. Since Bara no Tameni is a more popular project, we have the help of Miki. This is because it is harder to manager a bigger group with more people.

2.) You may only get our projects at Aerie’s channel #aerie on irchighway, where there are links to tell you where to get them. For those of you who want to host us, please allow two days before putting our newly released chapters up. We won’t be going to check on you, so this will be on the honor system. I really would love it for more people to lurk on #aerie because not only does Ghostcheese like company, it shows us your thanks.

3.) Please don’t rush our releases. We have decided to put Bara no Tameni on #1 priority since it has more readers, but since there are only 3 of us, obviously we cannot release every other day or something like that. I am looking forward to at least 1 or 2 releases every month.

4.) As you can see on the side, we are only keeping 3 projects: Bara no Tameni, Amakusa 1637 and Subaru. Thank you, A Willful Muse, for completing Chikyuu Kanri-nin for us. It was such a wonderful little manga, and I’m glad that since it only has 3 volumes, people didn’t have to wait for us to come back. That was really the only other project we had before we left, so it is quite miraculous that the three projects we have currently haven’t been quickly grabbed.

To address Bara no Tameni:

I know that SweetSense is currently also working on this project, but we have decided to pick it back up because we had 6 chapters already translated.

So as not to throw away the translation Koori have worked very hard on, we decided to scanlate them. After those 6 chapters, I’m not quite sure what we will do.

But since it is Ghostcheese’s pet project that she even bought the manga in Japanese, we will probably continue it. At least everyone can hope for the better quality, right? ^_^

One more thing is that SweetSense have a different way in numbering the chapters, even dividing chapters to be subchapters, only to label them as an entire chapter. For Aerie, we have kept the original way the mangaka numbered it. So hopefully, that will not confuse many people. By the way, I am not trying to put down SweetSense, nor do I want to since it is not a project that I am working too hard on (I only transcheck for now), but it seems to make more sense to number the chapters the way it is already numbered by the mangaka.

Again, I’m not trying to be mean about this. Just trying to explain why we have kept the project and why the numbering might be different.

The new website:
We have moved to WordPress! Obviously, you know because you are reading this. We cannot afford a website anymore, but WordPress is just as good, right?

Now we will have polls and ratings! In fact, let’s have a poll now….what is your favorite manga that we are currently scanlating?

That is just for fun! But I can kind of guess the result!

Subaru’s name change

As you can see in an insert on Subaru’s latest chapter, we will be changing Subaru’s title from “Dance! Subaru” to just “Subaru.” That is the correct title of the manga, of course. We were mistaken before because we only had the Chinese scans.

Finally, our recent releases:
08/02/09 Dance! Subaru v1c6
07/23/09 Bara no Tameni v8c31 Aerie Scans
07/15/09 Amakusa 1637 v2c6 Aerie Scans
07/15/09 Bara no Tameni v8c30 Aerie Scans
07/06/09 Dance! Subaru v1c5 Aerie Scans

Hopefully all of you are glad that we are back! For any questions, you can comment on this post or email us at aeriescans[at]gmail[dot]com. If I offended you in this post, I apologize in advance!


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2 Responses to “We are back! (Aerie’s status, update on Bara no Tameni, Subaru’s name change, and releases!)”

  1. Shanna Says:

    I really am SOOOOOOO glad you guys started to finish scanslating Bara no Tameni! I can’t wait till it’s completed!!!

  2. wenkai Says:

    i, for one, is glad you guys are back! ❤
    don't overwork yourselves 😉

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