Now Hiring!

Amakusa 1637: Editors (Cleaner or Typesetter or one who can do both which is preferred) and Translator!

Bara no Tameni: (Already has an editor) so looking for a translator (preferably Japanese because the Chinese scans are REALLY different from the Japanaese…but if you are Chinese and really wants to do it, I’ll consider it since I can look over them anyway!)

Subaru: Translator AND Editor (This is the easiest project, so I’m looking for someone willing to finish quickly.)

Don’t worry if you only want to work for a short time. I just need people who are reliable…as in, if I email you, you have to respond within a day (unless you told us that you were on hiatus)!




One Response to “Now Hiring!”

  1. Jojo Says:

    Do you still need cleaners?

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