Some Site Changes

Before I start, shameless advertising time!

Okay. Now then. Ghostcheese here~ I’ve been tweaking the wordpress a bit, moving things around, adding things, etc.

The most important addition is in the Links on the sidebar.

Infomercial time! With your host~ Chizuuuuu~~~~

Have you always wondered what IRC is? Did you try it out once, only to find it far too confusing or find that it was blocked at your workplace/school?

Well then, today is your lucky day!

Ghostcheese has created a widget for Aerie’s irc channel on Mibbit, a web-based irc chat client.

This useful client allows people who cannot download an irc program to connect to irc with just two clicks of the mouse. Often ports are blocked at school or work, which makes it impossible to connect to irc using normal means. But 9 times out of 10, Mibbit connects regardless of the blocks on a network or router!

So how do you connect to our IRC channel? Here’s the step by step:

1. Click the “Aerie’s IRC Channel via the Web” link near the top of the sidebar.

2. Insert your desired nickname.

3. Click connect!

Things to remember:

1. Nicknames must be unique. If you pick a common nickname that is already taken or is registered, your nick may automatically change into a guest. If this happens, simply type /nick yourdesirednewnick

2. The great deal of text that rolls by when you first connect contains various rules and information about the IRChighway server, which is the server #aerie resides on. Don’t let it scare you.

3. Next will come the #aerie topic, which starts Welcome to Aerie and has several colors. Always check the topic for updates. We will usually post a link to our release in the topic before we even announce a release on Baka-Updates. The 4shared link leads to a folder that should have not only our most recent release, but also our older ones.

4. Other people in the channel are listed on the right sidebar. However, people who haven’t said anything in a while will be listed as “idlers” and automatically hidden. If you think you’re in the wrong place or in an empty chan, first unhide the Idlers by clicking on the word “Idlers”. You should then be able to see other people in the channel.

5. Admins are marked with a Key. Only Ghostcheese and Toma currently have this rank. Ops are marked with a star. Half-ops are marked with a half star. Voiced people are marked with a little gray speaker.

6. If you need to get Ghostcheese’s attention, simply say any of the following words: ghostcheese, cheese, chizu. Feel free to alert me at any time, even if it lists me as an idler. I’m usually around unless my nickname is Chizu|sleep, Chizu|bath, or Chizu|gone.

7. If a menu pops up asking you what program to use to open the irc channel, you clicked the wrong link. The first IRC link is for those who have irc programs. Be sure to use the second link to connect via the web if you wish to use Mibbit.

Now on to other stuff.

I added a staff page, which will serve as a place to make sure that every staff member is working on something when possible, so if you’re curious about what’s been assigned to who, head that way.

I also added an Aerie History page! Curious about how Aerie got its start? Ghostcheese wrote a fun little short story, storybook style, for the first section of the history. The other sections are far more boring, but head that way and check it out if you wish. ~^.^~

Lastly, I added an art page to post the various art that friends have done for us. Check out the deviantart links as well for more art by the artists.

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