The End~(?)

As most of you have probably figured out, Aerie Scans isssss pretty much dead. o.o As in don’t bother trying to resuscitate kind of dead.  I don’t have the interest, the drive, or the time to struggle to get staff and do editing/quality check anymore.  I’m close to finishing my novel, and I’m working as well. I won’t rule out that Aerie will never, ever return in some shape or form, but I wouldn’t count on it.

So yes, that’s pretty much it.

If any of you:

1) Want permission to host our projects, have at it. No need to ask or anything.
2) Want permission to translate our projects, do as you wish. Just be sure to mention our group’s translator’s name whenever you work from their English.
3) Want to pick up one of our projects, speak to the groups who’ve done them most recently. I think pretty much every project has had a new release from someone other than us. That’s their business, not ours anymore.

Thank everyone who reads our projects and has shown us support over the years.  Why am I saying us, it’s just me now, poor lonely ghostcheese. x: Anyway, thanks and goodbye, my dears~ I will miss youuu.

9 Responses to “The End~(?)”

  1. No Comment Says:

    Goodbye Aerie. Though I wasn’t ever around when y’all were active but it’s still a sad thing.

  2. Jani Says:

    Bye Aerie…
    I remember coming here long ago. Thanks for your hard work.

  3. someone Says:

    Well, that’s quite sad. But anyways thanks for all the projects you’ve done.

  4. rini Says:


  5. Rovz Says:

    we will miss you.. T_T sayounara..

  6. nil Says:

    goodbye. gonna miss your scans

  7. tarramint Says:

    Ah it so sad to hear about the end of this group! I always looked forward to your updates. That you for all the scanlations and hard work!

  8. X Says:

    ..and reading back Gakuen Alice by Aeries Scans brings back a lot of memories…

    smiling at the artworks that are inserted in Gakuen Alice manga..
    looking at the members introduction..

    i wonder if those days could be found again…
    cause it looks like you guys were having fun with it…
    and now it’s gone…
    it’s kinda sad…

  9. calamitasdeus Says:

    an then!! two years later I saw this:
    *sight* I’m always late to everything.
    imma late fan and Just wanted to say hi and thanks for everything
    and now I come here to see this 😦 I hope you are doing well
    you’r scanlations still are the best.
    ❤ ❤

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