Aerie Staff

This page is for keeping track of who is assigned what, and to help make sure that all staff members have a project to work on at all times.

Those currently working on an assignment have mailed back to accept an assignment. Those offered an assignment are those who have not mailed back to accept a proposed assignment. Rest is self-explanatory.

Currently working on assignment:

WinterRose (Cleaner): Currently cleaning Subaru 7. No recent contact, status uncertain.
vJoker (Editor): Currently assigned cleaning Bara no Tame ni Chapter 35. No recent contact, status uncertain.

Offered an assignment, but no mailback yet:


No assignment:

Anglia Kitty (Editor): No assignment.
RedJoJo (Cleaner): No assignment.
Miki (Editor): No assignment.
Sample (Proofreader): No assignment.
Plaiid (Proofreader): No assignment.
Agizgal (Korean Translator): No assignment. No Korean project.
Ghostcheese (PR/QC/Japn sfx, names, spotcheck): No assignment.


Tomatoppy (Chinese & Japanese Trans/Editor)(hiatus)
Darkblade (editor)(hiatus)
Plaiid (Proofreader)(hiatus)

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