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The End~(?)

October 1, 2010

As most of you have probably figured out, Aerie Scans isssss pretty much dead. o.o As in don’t bother trying to resuscitate kind of dead.  I don’t have the interest, the drive, or the time to struggle to get staff and do editing/quality check anymore.  I’m close to finishing my novel, and I’m working as well. I won’t rule out that Aerie will never, ever return in some shape or form, but I wouldn’t count on it.

So yes, that’s pretty much it.

If any of you:

1) Want permission to host our projects, have at it. No need to ask or anything.
2) Want permission to translate our projects, do as you wish. Just be sure to mention our group’s translator’s name whenever you work from their English.
3) Want to pick up one of our projects, speak to the groups who’ve done them most recently. I think pretty much every project has had a new release from someone other than us. That’s their business, not ours anymore.

Thank everyone who reads our projects and has shown us support over the years.  Why am I saying us, it’s just me now, poor lonely ghostcheese. x: Anyway, thanks and goodbye, my dears~ I will miss youuu.

Bara no Tame ni v08 c32 Release & Some News!

September 21, 2009

First of all, we have a new chapter of Bara for you today! Head on over to the IRC channel to get it. Please wait at least two days before upping our releases on other sites.

Second of all, I sincerely apologize to each and every one of you who were horribly scarred emotionally by our new translator recruitment pages.

All you have to do to ensure that you never see such horrible sights again is to either volunteer your translation skills for our use, or get your friends to do so~

We are recruiting translators for all of our series, so Japanese and Chinese translators send us an email at aeriescans [at] gmail [dot] com

Remember: without translators, we can’t bring you more chapters of our wonderful projects. And the world may never know wtfh turns Subaru into THAT.

Third (?) of all: We’d like to take this opportunity to announce that Aerie Scans has just agreed to joint with the group Evil Flowers on the project Amakusa 1637. Since we have no translators, we have to cover the editing side of things for now. It may be a while before release since EF’s translator is busy, but nevertheless, we look forward to working with Evil Flowers in the future!

Lastly, remember to follow our twitter for various updates about project statuses and our group.

Now Hiring!

August 15, 2009

Amakusa 1637: Editors (Cleaner or Typesetter or one who can do both which is preferred) and Translator!

Bara no Tameni: (Already has an editor) so looking for a translator (preferably Japanese because the Chinese scans are REALLY different from the Japanaese…but if you are Chinese and really wants to do it, I’ll consider it since I can look over them anyway!)

Subaru: Translator AND Editor (This is the easiest project, so I’m looking for someone willing to finish quickly.)

Don’t worry if you only want to work for a short time. I just need people who are reliable…as in, if I email you, you have to respond within a day (unless you told us that you were on hiatus)!



We are back! (Aerie’s status, update on Bara no Tameni, Subaru’s name change, and releases!)

August 3, 2009

Hihi, I am Tomatoppy! I just have several updates for you about the status of Aerie Scans and their projects. Hmmm…where to start…in any case, please click “read more” to read the rest of this post!

Christmas, hiatus, Amakusa 1637 c5

December 26, 2007

Hiya, kiddos out there waiting for a present from Santa. Guess what, I’ll be your secret Santa. Except for the secret part. Anyway, a couple of messages from the Aerie crew:


Moved servers

July 5, 2007

Almost half a year has gone by since the last update. I made promises and I broke them. But we are now so dedicated to making Aerie succeed that I moved servers. Please change your bookmarks and a release should be out soon!

Gakuen Alice c.18

March 22, 2007

Hey guys, haven’t been updating much, eh?
We’re going to try to keep up with things. I’m sooooo sorry T_T
But some quick announcements:

Project Coordinator Needed

September 22, 2006

*feels glares landing on her and leechers breathing down the back of her neck as she types* >______>;;;



July 21, 2006

We planned for this really huge massive release thingmajig but because someone didn’t turn in their chapter *glares at that someone* we weren’t able to.
So gomen, and we will have the mass release sometime soon!
(Maybe even tomorrow!!!)

Contest ended, Amakusa 1637 c3

March 5, 2006

Hi hi! This is the all-powerful Cheese-hime speaking. ~^.^~ <.<;;;

Anyways, due to some website problems, changing the layout after the contest end was delayed. However, as you can see now, the winning entry is up! The theme for the contest was the meaning of the word “aerie” which is the nest of a bird of prey, usually found at a high altitude.