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Bad: Subaru dropped / Good: Amakusa 1637 Chapter 07 released!

February 7, 2010

Finally another release, my pretties.  Hard to release when you have ZERO NONE ZIL NILCH translators.  Hence the joint with Evil Flowers.  We want to continue with the joint, so we are currently looking for (preferably) experienced editors. Don’t like cleaning and just like typesetting? Or vice versa? Apply, because we do those two steps separately.

Today’s release, as always can be found by heading to our IRC channel and clicking the link in the topic.  If it’s your first time using IRC, try the IRC via the web link at the right under links we love. Please at least say think you or even just hi would work, don’t just join, click, and leave.  If you do, I will assume all of you are assessss. ^^  I’m not sure when Evil will post the chapter on their forum, but it will probably be soon if you wish to wait for them.

Other than that, you can wait until the chapter’s uploaded elsewhere on hosting sites, which we ask to not be for TWO OR THREE DAYS, if you please.

Another note for you Subaru fans out there, someone, I don’t know who, has been upping chapters on MangaFox. At this moment, it’s up to chapter fifteen there in case you guys want to read more. This means, of course, we’ll be dropping Subaru. We have no one willing to translate the series (translate ANY series really), so it’s probably for the best.

Bara no Tame ni v08 c32 Release & Some News!

September 21, 2009

First of all, we have a new chapter of Bara for you today! Head on over to the IRC channel to get it. Please wait at least two days before upping our releases on other sites.

Second of all, I sincerely apologize to each and every one of you who were horribly scarred emotionally by our new translator recruitment pages.

All you have to do to ensure that you never see such horrible sights again is to either volunteer your translation skills for our use, or get your friends to do so~

We are recruiting translators for all of our series, so Japanese and Chinese translators send us an email at aeriescans [at] gmail [dot] com

Remember: without translators, we can’t bring you more chapters of our wonderful projects. And the world may never know wtfh turns Subaru into THAT.

Third (?) of all: We’d like to take this opportunity to announce that Aerie Scans has just agreed to joint with the group Evil Flowers on the project Amakusa 1637. Since we have no translators, we have to cover the editing side of things for now. It may be a while before release since EF’s translator is busy, but nevertheless, we look forward to working with Evil Flowers in the future!

Lastly, remember to follow our twitter for various updates about project statuses and our group.

We are back! (Aerie’s status, update on Bara no Tameni, Subaru’s name change, and releases!)

August 3, 2009

Hihi, I am Tomatoppy! I just have several updates for you about the status of Aerie Scans and their projects. Hmmm…where to start…in any case, please click “read more” to read the rest of this post!

Christmas, hiatus, Amakusa 1637 c5

December 26, 2007

Hiya, kiddos out there waiting for a present from Santa. Guess what, I’ll be your secret Santa. Except for the secret part. Anyway, a couple of messages from the Aerie crew:


Amakusa 1637 c4

December 17, 2006




Status of projects updated

March 26, 2006

03/26/06 (was supposed to be up on the 21st >.>;;)

Oi, oi~ Look~ Look~

It’s me, the Cheese-hime once again. I bet you’re all concerned about the lack of releases. I’m sure some of you cuss us out amongst your friends. “What the fuck are the people at Aerie doing? Where’s more Gakuen Alice/Chikyuu/etc!?!?”


Contest ended, Amakusa 1637 c3

March 5, 2006

Hi hi! This is the all-powerful Cheese-hime speaking. ~^.^~ <.<;;;

Anyways, due to some website problems, changing the layout after the contest end was delayed. However, as you can see now, the winning entry is up! The theme for the contest was the meaning of the word “aerie” which is the nest of a bird of prey, usually found at a high altitude.

School Rumble c105, Amakusa 1637 c2, Gakuen Alice c13

February 14, 2006

HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY!!! For those depressed with nowhere to go this evening, no worries! We’ve got 3 new releases for you!!:

Chikyuu Kanri-nin c3, Amakusa 1637 c1, Gakuen Alice c11b, New Year

January 1, 2006

HAPPY HAPPY NEW YEAR!! YAY 2006!! ANOTHER YEAR! w00t!! Okay I stop. (more…)

Chikyuu Kanri-nin, 4 month anni, new project: Amakusa 1637

December 3, 2005

So we released the second half of the Chikan chapter. (more…)