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Gakuen Alice c19, dropped

July 22, 2007

Whoopee another release!

Gakuen Alice c.18

March 22, 2007

Hey guys, haven’t been updating much, eh?
We’re going to try to keep up with things. I’m sooooo sorry T_T
But some quick announcements:

Status on Gakuen Alice

November 11, 2006

Note to all Aerie staff members: If you have changed your email address, please notify us at…we cannot release manga without our staff and we cannot contact our staff without up to date contact information.

On another note, I’m sure many of you are still wondering if we’re planning on dropping any of our projects. I stress the fact that we are not dropping any. They are all in progress. Now, let me explain in detail about the status of one of our projects, Gakuen Alice. It has been assigned to another typesetter, read the story below as to why.


Chikyuu Kanri-nin c7, Gakuen Alice c16

June 24, 2006

Things are still being released slowly but at least it’s something, right?

Gakuen Alice c15

May 24, 2006

A release yesterday, (more…)

Gakuen Alice c14

April 24, 2006

Hello! Another release~ (more…)

Status of projects updated

March 26, 2006

03/26/06 (was supposed to be up on the 21st >.>;;)

Oi, oi~ Look~ Look~

It’s me, the Cheese-hime once again. I bet you’re all concerned about the lack of releases. I’m sure some of you cuss us out amongst your friends. “What the fuck are the people at Aerie doing? Where’s more Gakuen Alice/Chikyuu/etc!?!?”


School Rumble c105, Amakusa 1637 c2, Gakuen Alice c13

February 14, 2006

HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY!!! For those depressed with nowhere to go this evening, no worries! We’ve got 3 new releases for you!!:

Chikyuu Kanri-nin c3, Amakusa 1637 c1, Gakuen Alice c11b, New Year

January 1, 2006

HAPPY HAPPY NEW YEAR!! YAY 2006!! ANOTHER YEAR! w00t!! Okay I stop. (more…)

Chikyuu Kanri-nin c2, Gakuen Alice c11a

December 25, 2005

MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! Of course, for all you Jews and Kwanzaa-celebraters(celebrators?) can ignore the political incorrectness for me to just greet the Christians there. (more…)