A break

Yahho~ It’s me, Chizu. And I’m here today to talk to you about laziness. Say it together with me kids! Laaaaziness~ Ok, so it’s not exactly laziness. It’s more of a well earned break…plus a little laziness, too. XD Anyway, after working for over three weeks to finish the anniversary releases, I took a bit of time off. This included time off from answering emails. Which is the main reason I’m making this post.

I’ll try to answer everything I see unreplied to in the inbox, but if I miss anything, please drop us another email. So if anyone or any group sent an email to aeriescans[at]gmail[dot]com and have not yet received a reply, I ask you now to send another email and this time it will definitely be answered. My little vacation is over and work has started once again. Thanks for reading this~ I know it’s a lot of words. Fufu.


p.s. Links to the anniversary project are up in the forum and also be sure to check out our affiliates’ sites.

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