Project Coordinator Needed

*feels glares landing on her and leechers breathing down the back of her neck as she types* >______>;;;

Yeah, yeah. I know. It’s been an extreeeemely long time since there’s been any releases. Both Lamb and I are very, very busy with school. I literally had six tests last week. Simply put, I don’t have the time to organize our projects. So are we quitting/dropping anything? HELL NO. So anyone of you out there who want to reason within your twisted little minds “They haven’t released in so long, I’m sure they’ve dropped it” and pick up our projects, we’re happy to disappoint you. ~^.^~

*ahem* Hear ye, hear ye, one and all. From this day forth, Aerie Scans is looking for a new staff member. This staff member would be expected to organize Aerie’s projects by means of

1) making sure scans are available for a project
2) making sure scans get to the translator (assigning chapters to said translators)
3) making sure translators turn in their assignments
4) making sure scans get to the cleaners
5) making sure scripts get to transcheckers and proofreaders
6) making sure cleaned scans and final script get to the typesetter
7) making sure someone makes a credit page
8) making sure the final product gets to a quality checker
9) making sure any quality check notes are fixed and repaired before sending the chapter to the qc-er once again

Don’t be frightened of this long list. We don’t have a lot of projects, so it’s not a ridiculously large load. If you read the requirements correctly, you would see that you don’t have to know a different language to do this job. You don’t have to have photoshop to do this job. You don’t have to even have good grammar skills to do this job. All you have to have are good organizational skills and TIME. Most important is time. I would prefer that any applicants not be a member of another currently active group. Why, you might ask? Because life is unpredictable and often something comes up that makes one very busy. When this happens, the person might say “I don’t have time to organize both of these…so I’ll just do this one since I was a member of it first.” However, if someone is a member of a group already, you may still apply. We will look at the release history of that group and see how steady the releases have been.

Anyway, anyone who would like to apply for the job and help Aerie release manga faster and more efficiently, please email aeriescans[at]gmail[dot]com



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