Gakuen Alice c19, dropped

Whoopee another release!

Everyone has been wondering about Gakuen Alice? We had no idea that another group was going to pick up the series and we did plan to continue the series. But since Gakuen Alice is our only remaining licensed project we are doing, we will stop scanlating the series after we have filled the gap. Please buy the manga when it’s out! For now, pick up Gakuen Alice Ch 19 at our irc channel!!

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2 Responses to “Gakuen Alice c19, dropped”

  1. aJi Says:

    You know, you are better at translating the series than others. and you have better quality scans too. 😦

  2. ella Says:

    😥 please continue scanlating it ;;A;; it is really rare to find a licensed group 😦 such a waste ;;A;;

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